This online course is designed for Canadian Baptists to help them learn from Indigenous voices and begin to walk as good neighbours and treaty people. In engaging in this learning, we as a Baptist family take seriously the calls of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

The course consists of reading, video, and audio curated from the vast amount of quality resources available online. This work has been done by the Indigenous Working Group of the CBAC. One of our priorities was to work on an education piece for churches. It will take a person approximately 20 hours to do, but as it is hosted on the website you are free to do this at a pace that is reasonable for you. Along with each component there is additional suggested readings and videos for you to dive into further, and we certainly encourage you to do that.

Note: It takes less than a minute to enroll, and you are only required to provide your name and an email address. Click the on the Course title below, then scroll down and click on the “START NOW” button.

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