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3 Responses to “3.1: The Truth and Reconciliation Commission”

npearce@eastlink.caFebruary 12th, 2021 at 9:01 pm

Re Senator Sinclair’s comments about Christianity and aboriginal spirituality. Yes we should respect all that is good, right, beautiful and inspiring in native spirituality; and certainly respect the right to believe and practice that spirituality – Baptists have historically stood for religious freedom (‘freedom of conscience’). But it is especially hard for many of us to state that aboriginal spirituality is as just as valid as following Jesus (see Jn 14:6, Jn 8:12 etc.). I’m thinking that mutually respectful dialog between faith leaders from both faith groups might be beneficial. To that end maybe we can learn from our partners in Lebanon (ABTS and IMES) who have started a Church-Mosque Network, in which Christian-Muslim relationships, beliefs, and common goals can be discussed without compromising the faith of Christ-followers in the Network. Might we learn something of how to proceed with respect, while maintaining Biblical faith, from that example?

Danny ZachariasFebruary 14th, 2021 at 4:09 pm

Hi Norm. I think learning from our partners from ABTS is an excellent idea.

You have probably recognized that the course has prioritized Indigenous voices, even if they are not necessarily followers of Jesus. We hope it goes without saying that everything we read or listen to should be evaluated in light of the scriptures.

In response to your statement that “it is especially hard for many of us to state that aboriginal spirituality is just as valid as following Jesus” — I would suggest that this is a false juxtaposition. Aboriginal spirituality is a very broad term encompasses many beliefs, life ways, and practices from many firs nations. It is an encompassing description, not a description of a religion with defined sets of beliefs (like, say, Islam). There are many aspects of Aboriginal spirituality practices, life ways, and worldviews that are incorporated by Indigenous followers of Jesus in their discipleship and spiritual practices.

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